Please submit your abstract via email on: abstract@euro-eus.org

A summary of the guidelines is as follows:

  • The abstract language is English
  • The text should be not more than 300 words
  • The title of the abstract should be printed in CAPITAL LETTERS; the name(s) of the author(s) should be preceded by the full first name(middle name Initial optional) – omit titles.The number of authors is unlimited.


Deadline: 3 February 2023



4 best abstracts will be selected for the oral presentation during the Conference.
Oral papers are allocated 5 minutes presentation time followed by a discussion period of
3 minutes.
The Winner of the best presentation during EURO-EUS 2023 will be awarded with the
free registration and hotel accommodation at EURO-EUS 2024.


Speakers should deliver and view/check their PowerPoint
presentations at the Slide Center.
Presentations must be prepared in PowerPoint (MS Windows) and provided on a USBremovable
drive. Macintosh presentations cannot be accommodated, unless saved to a
PC-formatted USB stick.
To avoid any delays, speakers are kindly requested to hand in their PowerPoint
presentations on an electronic support (USB).
The use of personal laptops for presentations in the session is strictly prohibited.
Protection of copyright will be guaranteed